'Ello world!

We made it to jolly ol England and have been having a fantastic time!  Matthew and Lisa Burley have put us up in their house.  It is a charming English home with fireplaces in each bedroom - so cute!  And the wine has not stopped flowing since we came in.  The first night we went out with their wonderful friends at a local Italian restaurant.  There we learned that the Brits have a starter before their dinner (each person gets their own...I could get used to that), and they learned all the words to the American national anthem, courtesy of Hannah and Lisa, at the top of our lungs, in the middle of the restaurant.  There was a lot of singing, to be fair, but we probably caused the place to clear out.  Oops!
Raising a glass to England

|Raising the roof

Scott sings Scotish songs while his wife Sally looks on in mild horror.

Not the last dance that will be done in this living room

We love their Oregon pride!
 Today we went to downtown Nottingham and toured the caves underground and the Galleries of Justice.  There, I was turned into a servant for the Sheriff of Nottingham and stood as a witness in a trial against a witch.  It was quite fun, even when I thought Jake and Lisa were going to strangle these precocious English children on the tour.  I mean, children with English accents are adorable but at some point the charm wears off.  Then you're just stuck in a old timey jail with a man dressed as a 17th century warden and a noisey girl yelling out "oh uh, 'scuuuuse me mista, ar there any RATS in heaar?? [giggle nonstop for remainder of trip]"

Oh but really it was a great day.  We visited several old pubs afterward.  The oldest was started in 1189, I believe.  Crazy how old this country is.  Anything that old in America was most likely wiped out years ago by clearcutting or smallpox.  Its not right.

So, sadly I can't seem to post more pictures right now. I'll take another stab at it tomorrow.  Have a nice evening, America- I'm off to bed.