One Wonderful Halloween

10/31/12 Olivia's second Halloween

What a wonderful day we had.  A day I want to document, lest I forget.... {{{dream sequence graphics}}}

5:30pm 10/30: Arrive at daycare to pick up my runny-nose girl.  Hmmmm....look like someone is staying home tomorrow.  Secretly smiling on the inside. 

Solid night of sleep, but we wake up with a runny nose and a slight fever...staying home it is!

8:00am: Daddy goes to work.  Bye Bye!  Breakfast of oatmeal...she's not feeling it.  Even after I let her try to tackle it with her own spoon.  No?  You don't wanna?  Ok, fruit packs, cheesy puffs, whatever you want!

We go to put some clothes on and what do I see?...

It's (kind of) a Minnie Mouse costume!  Sorta....oh Baby Girl is just not feeling the photo shoot.  I can't blame her.  This isn't last year, after all.  Last year she could nothing to protest my day of costume changes and photo shoots.  It was fun.  And today is so déjà vu I can't help but feel nostalgic about the old days at home together, being a full-time mama.  But then I remember all the other things that went along with that (sleepness nights, marathon nursing sessions, unemployment) and I come back to Earth.  Life is really good ....

...unless you are a sick baby.  Then not SO good.

9:30am: An unseasonably early nap is coming on.  Off we go to the big blue rocking chair with milk, water, and books in tow.  By the second book, O is fast asleep.  On my chest.  Just like old times.  Oh I miss my baby* (*see last paragraph re: sleepless nights) ... she rarely sleeps all snuggled up with me now.  So if she does it while she is sick then I will take it.

11 ... 11:30?!  Still going on this nap!  I am amazed.

12:00 Well, I've done the dishes, started some laundry, tidied up around here, somehow nothing looks better.  Nothing looks CLEAN-clean.  I may have a problem.  Four hours at home and the walls are closing in on me.  I should be able handle ONE day at home with no where to go, nothing to do, but I can't stay still.

12:30pm: Jake comes home!  I take off for my 30-minute booty-blasting cross-fit workout class.  I freakin love this class so much.  It has changed my spirits at least as much as it has changed my bod.  I appear to have some MUSCLES under all this.  Who knew?  And I no longer believe that I will just have to look "a little bit pregnant" for the rest of my life.  No sir.  I mean, maybe a little, but that is why the good Lord made Spanx.

1:30: Back to get Jake and Olivia; drop Jake off at work; and we make a stop at the mall in our new....

...Ladybug costume!!!

Okay, readers, don't judge me.  I just couldn't help but let Olivia play at the mall for a few minutes with the other kids (kids in COSTUMES!).  She was shy at first, but then...

...she ventured off with a lady pirate to the Choo-choo train tunnel. 

Arrrgh!  Thar be ladybugs on me ship!  And ... the devil?

And a baby Hulk!  And his brother Ironman.  No matter how many times you tell this girl that she has to take the stairs to get to the slide, she will turn you down every time.  Slide rules, stairs drool.  Actually babies drool.  Over everything.  And Ironman appears to have a nasty cough.  Better get out of here.  (Not so "Iron" now, are we??)

2:15pm: After a HEFTY dose of Purell and baby wipes to the arms and face area, we take off to make our intended purchase (a sports bra that actually fits ... everyone at the cross-fit class will benefit from this $24.95).

3:30pm: Home!  And asleep!

....OMG it's so hard not to just break down in total baby cuteness overload.

Can you even handle it?!? 

5:30: Go get Jake from work; hurry back; costume change aaaaand... shoot!!!

What is hard to tell, dear readers, is that this is actually a homemade costume.  Hard to believe, RiGhT?!  Yours truly (me) (hmv) sewed that O to that dress and sewed those ears to that headband.  Watch out, Marth Stewart!  Jake also helped in various ways.  It was like craft hour at the VV house.

5:45pm: Trick-or-Treating!  We took Lil O down the street to a few houses to get some candy from strangers.  We knew most of the folks that we visited, so it was fun to show off our little girl.  Because let's face it, it does NOT GET CUTER.

6:30pm: After dinner, it was bathtime.  Our little piglet got allllll clean, and then was off to bed.  With visions of sugar plums dancing in her head. 

And just as I was laying her little head down to sleep in her dark, peaceful room, who should come knocking but 8 rowdy teenagers with no concept of time!!  I mean, hello!  It's 7:30, kiddos.  Time for bed.  Now take this candy and get out of here.  Time for mama to have a glass of wine and put her feet up.  As far as days go, this one basically rocked.

Happy Halloween 2012!