Who does Baby O look like?

I've assembled a few baby pictures of me, Jake, and our sisters.  Lets see if Baby O has inherited any of our good looks... 

Newborn Jake

Newborn O

Newborn Hannah

Newborn O

Awake Hannah
Awake Olivia

Squishy Olivia
Squishy Jake

 Bath pictures are funny.... especially mine!  Yiiiiikes.
Bathtime Hannah
Bathtime O
Bathtime Jake

And how about our parents?  A pretty good looking gene pool, if I do say so...

Hannah's parents
Jake and his dad

It is hard to explain why I see so much of Amy Lou in Baby Olivia.  Maybe its the cheeks?  This picture is a good example....
Absolutely adorable baby picture of Amy Lou
Adorable pic of Baby O

I don't have as many good pictures of Aunt Maren.  Maren was just a beautiful baby.  And pretty funny....as you will see.


Another cute one of Maren

 Olivia obvious got her screamin' skills from Aunt Meggie... hehe.