Crazy day

Just had a crazy day.  The kind that makes you think, I'll remember this someday and laugh.  Well, no laughter yet, but I didn't want to forget, so let's recount it...

10pm last night: Got to bed early, things are looking up!

1:15am: First feeding of the night.  Goes well.  Except that right breast hurts like someone punched it.  Did my baby get super strong and take a swing at me when I wasn't looking?  Probably.  No time to overthink it, must sleep more.

2:00am: Still awake, and cold cold cold!  Did Jake crank up the AC?  I've been shivering all night, but my skin feels hot.... oh no...

2:15: Take temperature.  100.2 degree.  Crap.

2:45: Still awake.  Temperature 101.0 now.  Double crap.  Skin is as hot as a firecracker.  Wake up Jake.  Try to think of what to do next while being extremely sleep deprived, and did I mention that Jake is sick?

2:50: Thoroughly convinced that I have mastitis (an infection of the ducts in the breast tissue), I send out a few messages in a bit of a panicky hurry.  Mom: "please come early tomorrow, I need help, I have an infection."  A friend and lactation specialist: "what do I DO?!!  My boob is on fire!"

3:30: Second feeding.  Still no sleep.

4:00: Finally back asleep!

7:30: Third feeding?  I think?  The sleep was so sweet I lost track of time and space.

7:45: Baby reminds me that she too is not feeling well and needs to be burped.  In fact, the doctor said to keep her upright for 30 minutes after every feeding.  (She may have acid reflux.)  At this point, "keeping her upright" is loosely interpreted as "lay her on my chest while leaning back on a stack of pillows in a state of half-sleep."

10:00: Time to wake up and get up.  Nurse baby.  Read messages.  Lactation friend: "So sorry to hear that.  Get lots of rest, fluids, and vitamin C.  And call the midwives asap."

10:01: Call midwives.  Get prescription for the mastitis (I was right!).

10:02 - 1pm: Not sure what happened around this time.  I never know.  Its the black hole part of my day.  It usually involves nursing, trying to clean up, watching TV while nursing, Facebook, trying to shower or wash my face or at least wipe yesterday's mascara off before baby needs to nurse again, and eating.

1:30pm: Realize that Mom will be visiting soon and my house looks like a Babies R Us exploded in here.  Try to tidy up.  Baby screaming.  Genius idea: put baby in the sling and carry her around while I carefully keep tidying.  Success! ... but back ache...and did I mention I have a fever!?

2:00: Off to the pharmacy to get the meds.  Pharmacist's window looks like a gold beacon at the end of a looooooong hallway.  Will this walk ever end?!  I realize that I am due to take my Ibuprofen again, and it has reached emergency status.  Everything hurts.  Walking.  In.  Slooow...motion.  Get in line and ask the nice grandfatherly man behind me to watch my baby in the cart while I hop around the corner to get some Ibuprofen.  This literally takes 5 seconds, but it feels like a half hour.  And I'm back, whew!  Everyone's accounted for.  Thank you, grandfather dude.

2:23: Drop off cart.  Grab baby in car seat, bag, wallet, and meds (in two hands, somehow), and get back into the car.  Desperately open the Ibuprofen and take 3.  That only leaves 997 pills in the bottle because did I mention I was at the Costco pharmacy?  I'll be set on the Ibu for the next 10 years.

2:35: Made it to baby's doctor appointment 5 minutes late.  Pretty good, for me.

2:45: The doctor is actually a 15-year-old female version of Doogie Howser.  She proceeds to tell me that my baby may or may not have acid reflux but her symptoms don't really require medicine and "we wanna keep da babay offa da medicine if we can."  Speak for yourself, Doogette.  I wanted medicine.  Baby wanna not scream in mommy's ear every time she burps.  But ok, we'll keep an eye on it and let you know if it gets worse. 

2:50: Uh-oh.  Baby needs to nurse.  Dr. Howser MD tells me I can nurse in the room, which is nice, but I have no pillows, no towels, and no way to cover up.  So I just go for it.  Baby keeps detaching because of my poor grip, and every time she does a hilarious stream of milk just keeps running out and usually hitting her in the face.  This makes me laugh, but Dr. Howser is not amused.  She leaves the room, probably to re-up her birth control.

3:30: Back home, finally!  Putter around (seriously, what do I even do when I'm at home?  I don't know.)

4:00: Realize that I haven't really followed any of the advice I got -to rest and get lots of fluids- so I try to catch up on that in one hour.  Mom comes over for a couple minutes and I ask her to go pick up Jake from work.

5:15: Everyone's back at the house and we make plans for dinner (take out), which turns out to be really nice.  Spend some time in the backyard with Mom and Denny and Baby O, who is in a great mood tonight.  Weird.  The meds are already starting to work on me too.  So the day ended pretty nicely I guess.  Who knows what tomorrow will be.  Everyday is an adventure in this crazy house.