Baby picture extravaganza!

Here is an abundant cornucopia of adorable and entertaining baby pictures.  Yay!  Can you believe its only been 3 weeks?!

Moments after she was born... precious and perfect.

One very happy daddy.

Baby O takes a break from the boob for a few minutes.  She is SO tiny here.

Our first outing!  We made a fast trip to the BiMart pharmacy and picked up a few things.  The trip was short, but surprisingly overwhelming for me.  I guess giving birth really takes it out of you!

Jake & Grandma Robin

The one where she looks like I did when I was a baby.  So sweet.

 Gotta put in this great picture of me and my sisters and Mom.  They came down the weekend before Olivia made her grand (late) entrance into the world.  How I wish my sisters could have been there to see her, but of course they were there in spirit.  We had a lot of fun in my last, gigantic days of pregnancy.

 The Eugene fam + Amy Lou, all the way from DC!

The beautiful flowers we received from Jake's coworkers and Jake's parents.  Our house looked so cheerful!
Grandpa Ralph 

Jake and Lil O at our first trip to the birth center after the birth.  They weighed her and everything looked good.  She was the youngest baby there by far - just 5 days old!

The Vaseys - Baby O is about 4 day old here.

Chilling with Daddy

...and Mommy

One of our days off together we went to Hideaway Bakery.  It was a great trip out of the house for me (I was getting a little cabin fever).  We had caffeinated beverages (a first for me, in a LONG time!) and cookies.  Life is good!

Daphne jumped up on the chair for story time.  Suuuuper cute.

A little visit from Cindy and Todd.  Cindy nearly got Olivia to sleep, even though she was screaming for milk.  Baby whisperer!

Lil Olive, lounging in the afternoon.

I can't stop taking pictures of Jake and cute!

The "Baby Olivia" sign from my cousins, Katie and Tera Rock.  It has been up since before her due date.  Makes it feel like a party in here!

Nap time!

Another day-off adventure: the rose garden.

The gardener cut this rose for the baby.  I loved it!

Aunt Meggie comes for a visit, and Joe's birthday.

Grandma Robin with Baby O, at our first sit-down restaurant.  It went pretty well!  I was so nervous though.  Lately I've been scarfing down all my food so I can get back to her.  Even if she isn't fussy - its a little silly.  I need to slow down and chill out.

Party baby!!