OK, this is getting a little tough

Ok already.  Its been nine months.  I can see why this gets to be a bit ... rough at the end.

Two days ago I went for a 15 minute walk and returned with the worst pain in my right lower back.  It's still there.  I can't describe the ridiculousness of my maneuvers just to get up off the couch, pick something up off the ground, or get out of bed.  It was hard before the back pain, when I just had a 15 pound bowling ball in my stomach to contend with (and more weight elsewhere).  Now it is comical. 

And apparently it's no picnic for Baby O either.  She's in there stretching and kicking like a caged animal.  It literally feels like she is running laps at times.  Are you ready to come out, little one?  I'm ready when you are!

I hate to complain about pregnancy.  I've tried to make a concerted effort to embrace all the changes; I love my baby bump (even if it is more like a baby mountain right now) and I'm not afraid of the weight gain, or the six different bras I've gone through, or the swelling hands and feet.  I trust the process.  I know it will end at some point, and I will probably miss it.....most of it.  And it makes me a little sad that Jake doesn't get to feel our baby moving around from the inside.  So I should be grateful.  But Jake's still got a lot of things going for him, like the ability to lie down on his stomach, or make it over to the kitchen in under 60 seconds.

The one thing I hear now more than anything is "oh my, you look like you are so DONE!"  Or variations ("You look like you're about to POP!").  Well, that is not exactly how I feel, even if it is how I look.  I'm not done with the pregnancy, I'm still enjoying it ... for the most part.  But I am "so done" with the comments from strangers.  I've played the part of the cute-bellied pregnant lady for months now.  No one else gets comments about their size while in line at the post office.  My turn is over!

The thing is, I have a lot of things I could be upset about, but I don't want pregnancy to be one of them.  Having this baby is the greatest gift of my life.  When I'm stressing out about my job search or my neverending to-do list, I like to look down at this massive belly and just be grateful.  It helps to keep things in perspective.

Ahh... just two more weeks.  (More or less)