Dear Olivia

My dear sweet Olivia,

I cannot wait to meet you.  Your dad and I have been waiting for months.  In many ways, we have been waiting our whole lives.  Because I get the feeling that once we see you, we will feel that life has truly begun.

There are so many things I want to tell you and show you.  The ways we have prepared for your big arrival.  It is hard to imagine anything else I could have done to prepare.  We've done childbirth classes and prenatal visits to the nurse-midwives, read several baby books and even more magazines, articles, and websites; we've had five baby shower parties (FIVE!), gone on many shopping trips, and received even more gifts.  In your room we have one hand-painted tree on top of two coats of blue paint, one semi-difficult-to-assemble crib, your dad's repainted baby furniture from Grandma Robin's house, a big comfy chair from Aunt Meggie, and a bookshelf from Aunt Amy Lou.  And lots of toys, books, clothes, blankets, soaps, lotions, and just about anything you might find in the baby isle at Walgreens.  All we are missing, is YOU!

And Olivia, as I write this, you are turning and kicking inside of me.  You always remind me that you are there, waiting to join us too, getting bigger and stronger every day.  We are content to wait until you ready to come out, but oh how exciting it will be.

As you will someday understand, parents have fears too.  We get worried that we don't know everything we need to know, that we may make decisions for you that won't turn out well, or that we will somehow let you down.  It is only because the love we have for you is so so big.  We can only hope that we'll live up to our own great expectations.

Olivia, if there was one thing I could tell you now, it is how much I love you.  Bigger than the moon and all the stars.  I love you more and more every day.  You are perfect in my eyes.  And I have not even seen you yet.  I already know that you are the greatest love of my life.  Come out and see us soon, sweet girl.