Belly pictures and other happenings

Time for some more belly love... here are a few updates in belly growth and other things going on in the life of ME...
 Ultrasound, 3/17/11.  
Laying on my back has been extremely painful these days, and 3/17 was no different. 
But I was determined to tough it out so we could see our little GIRL! 

 3/17/11 @ the Birth Center.
This morning as we were getting ready to go to the ultrasound 
appointment, "My Girl" came on the radio.  It was a sign!
 My mom and Denny came for a visit on 3/18.  It was so fun to see mom and talk about all things pregnancy.  We learned that a lot has changed since she was pregnant with me and my sisters.  Turns out that drop-side cribs have been completely recalled for safety reasons.  Well, guess who put ALL her babies in a drop-side crib.....THIS WOMAN did!  

Whoa belly!

My sister Maren came for a visit in February and we took her out for chicken wings (her fav).  We decided that just trying one or two varieties would not be sufficient, 
so we ordered 36 wings in 6 different flavors.  They had a ball! 
... until the heartburn set in.

 21 weeks

 22 weeks ... growing growing!

 Not best photograph ever taken (sorry), but check out these adorable Ruffle Buns!!! 
Jake got them for my birthday and I just LOVE them. They really serve no purpose,
other than total cuteness.
 A little birthday celebration dinner with our friends. 
Never thought I'd be 29 and having a baby.  Seems young.  Or maybe its perfect? ... I can't decide.

 ...and then I had the baby.  The End!
Just kidding :)  Our friends Sarah and Shane had little baby Evan on 3/21,
and he is just perfect.
Well, that is about it for now.  Hope all is well out there for you.  I love that you are reading my blog and following along in this little adventure.  I truly mean it when I say that I welcome all advice and comments.  It takes a village, right?