I'm out there and I'm lovin it!

Well world it is official! I really look pregnant now. The first non-friend non-family member told me "congratulations" with the obligatory self-belly grab. I was so excited I almost started crying. Of course, the other day I saw an ad for pacifiers and almost started crying...so maybe it doesn't take too much these days.

It is just nice to cross that threshhold from 'just looking kinda chubby' to 'that girl is definitely pregnant!' And its always nice to hear congrats and share the joy. Even with a perfect stranger. Who has just become my FAVORITE stranger.

So that is all for now. Just a happy little update from out here in Bend, Oregon. The best thing about coming out here for work, aside from the fantastic locals, is the food. I love every restaurant here! Given the time, I could eat at every one. And with my newfound appetite I could probably do it in a single day. With that, I will now sign off to eat this amazing curry (@ Typhoon!).

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