Oh Baby, its a baby!

I have been so excited for this post!  A few weeks ago I saw the most exciting little "plus" sign, and nothing has been the same since.  It was fantastic timing for us too.  We got to tell the whole family during our tour d' Christmas.  Here are some of the highlights:

 Grandma Robin finally gets it.  We got her a bib that says "I love Grandma" but she didn't understand at first.  But then - aaaaaaaah!!!

This is a couple seconds after I told Jake.  It was so hard to hide it from him all day!  That night we had a party with our close friends, and Missy helped me surprise him.  He was SO excited and surprised.  And it was a really really fun night.

Amy Lou announced it to our family in Tacoma.  My dad had NO idea, and I think it took him a minute to fully grasp the reality of the situation.  Then he was elated.

Mom and Maren find out, and BAM!  Instant tears.  Awwww....I love my family.

[Edit: Not pictured here, but equally exciting, were some other fun announcements in our tour o' Christmas.  We stopped in Moses Lake and visited my Grandma Evie and John, who were elated, and my cousin Krissy and her fam.  Krissy's 4-year-old son Brayden somehow guessed it right away- when I walked in he said "where is your baby?"  Whoa!!  In Spokane we visited my dear friend Shelly and her growing family.  They were happy as well, especially Shelly, who has been asking me to please hurry up and have a baby for over a year!  :) Lastly we shared the news with my step sisters and the Dellwo family, had a fabulous celebration, and .... lets see, I think that's it!]

So far its all been very exciting.  Even the morning sickness is exciting in its own weird way.  (By the way, "morning" sickness is a big lie.  It can last all day, and you never know when it will strike.)  I know that my body will continue to change, and many changes are less pleasant than others, but right now it is all very welcome and thrilling.

Jake and I have wanted to have children since, well, I'm not exactly sure.  Long before we were really ready to have kids, that's for sure.  Now we feel prepared - at least, as much as one can feel prepared for something that you've never done before and will totally change your life.  More than anything, I think we just feel incredibly lucky.  Lucky that we can have children.  Lucky that we got pregnant so quickly, and everything appears to be healthy and normal and uneventful so far.  I don't think I will ever be able to fully express how grateful I feel to be living the life that I am.  It is just so ... incredible.