HMV Thanksgiving special

Happy Thanksgiving blogosphere. As this is my first post from my phone app, it feels extra special. Jake and I are currently on the road to Vancouver to see the Vasey/Jones fam. (Jake is driving ... don't panic.) And since there is little else to do right now, it seems like a good time to take account of the many things I have to be thankful for.

Its been a big year in the life of hmv. (See what I did there?) Ha. We have really been very lucky though. We bought a house 1 year ago. And its a tiny house, but its ours. Although we loved our apartments, this is our first real home. We also had the european vacation we have talking about for years. Our best buds Missy and Joey got hitched. Some little ones were added to our family. My second cousin Natalie, Jake's second cousins Amaya and Kaysen. My gf Shelly had her second boy, Cody. Jon and Brittney had the beautiful Miss Morgan. And our close friends Shane and Sarah are pregnant with boy #2. Its like baby fever in here.

Mostly I am thankful for this amazing network of family and friends that we have, literally, all over the world...we are so blessed. And thanks to resources like this and facebook and cell phones, etc, we are able to stay in touch with so many of you so frequently. I am seriously looking at pictures of you all, like, all the time. I hope that's not too weird.

Well my thumbs are pretty exhausted now. Time for some tofurkey. Happy Thanksgiving everybody!
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