England...in pictures

England (part 2). . . (London, really)
 The Parthenon exhibit...I love ancient Greece...

 Hangin with the Egyptians at the British Museum 

 Gladiators!  (Spartacus fans shout out)
 Funny faces

 This is my old friend Daniel and his wonderful girlfriend, Pandora.  Dan and I met in Norway in '03 while we were studying abroad.  I can't believe its been 7 years!

 Lisa, Christina and I in Camden Market

Ride'em cowgirls!

 * * *

England (part 1). . .

 the tuuuuube

 our first room of EuroTrip 2010 . . . not bad!
 bad part about the room, it was like, 8 flights up without an elevator (or "lift")
 ha haaa!  you gotta have some of these pics
 I am ........ a swan!
 on the tube again!  just can't wait to get on the tube again!
Soho.  Fun, and LITERALLY a pub on every corner.
 Tower Bridge.

 Tower of London.  Home of Henry VIII, Elizabeth I, etc.

 Where Anne Boleyn was beheaded
 these guys...

 instruments of torture.  not cool, you guys!

 The Black Friar... a really delightful historical pub where friars used to go

delightful Chinese restaurant blocks from our hotel