Ahh Paris, how I love/hate thee

Friends and followers!  Team Hannah-And-Jake-Take-On-Europe has just left Paris, and we couldn't be happier.  We had a great time, we had an interesting time.  I think my feelings about Paris could best be summed up by Amy Poehler in "The Bronx Beat" skit from SNL: "France is great!  Boobies everywhere!  No one where shirts at any time whatsoever.  I would move there.  But I can't speak the language and I hate the people."

Its so true.  We saw a lot of bosoms -in the museums, the Moulin Rouge (the real thing, Shane!!)- and we saw a lot of PDA on the streets.  We tried to join in the cultural fun of it all, but mostly ended up hugging a lot and staring at the locals.  It was a little strange, I have to admit.  But the fact is, the people have a reputation for being rude, and that perception is based in REALITY.  At one point, a cafe told us that there was no bathroom available, or at least, not for Americans.  Jeezus, frenchies.

Other than those downsides (we also really really don't know French), it was a beautiful place with a lot to see.  And we saw a LOT of it.  The Louvre museum, the Museum d'Orsay, Eiffel tower, Arc d'Triumphe... and we ate the food and drank the wine (and the Canadian Whiskey-never far when Jake is around).  :)

Now we take on Dublin.  Which reminds me, I am thirsty.  Off to catch a pint and some mashed potatoes... wooo hoo.  Au revoir, blog world!