Just pictures-Nottingham

Here are many many pictures from Nottingham, with our friends, Lisa and Matt.

a canal near Lisa and Matt's place

a pint at the Vic (their local boozer) (aka pub)

a beautiful moment shared by friends

Lunch at the Living Room, a really cool place near the Galleries of Justice.

Tour of the caves under Nottingham.  Lisa noticed that the walls will fall apart if you touch them, which of course, we did.

Jake locked us in the cell in the Galleries of Justice.

Jake, shackled.  RAAAWRRR!

awwww, shucks!

Us, outside the castle gates.  One of my favorite pictures.

Robin Hood, Prince of Thieves?

The pregnancy chair.  If you sit in it, you are supposed to become pregnant very soon after.... hrrrmmmm.

@ Delilah's for lunch - a great local place for sandwiches and other fresh food.  and wine!

@ Cock and Hoop.  Weird name, awesome nook.  The ceiling was literally falling in on us.

Posing as the founders of this little pub (I think)

St. Mary's church

Gotta have the phone booth pictures!