Bon voyage

When I get on a plane, I often think of my grandmother, who once said that she never felt ready for a trip unless she had called her children and told them how much she loved them and how proud she was.  Grandma Loie was a wise woman with a lot of love in her heart.  She wrote that sentiment in her journal, probably before going on a trip to Reno or Las Vegas (she also had a great deal of love for gambling, which has found its way into the gene pool).

Grandma and me (circa 1984)

I feel the same way before going on long trips, but I do not always make these calls.  And not just because I don't have any children (although that is a great reason not to call them).  My family is very close to me, but we don't talk every day or even every week.  When we get together, of course, its like no time has passed.  This is generally true of my extended family as well.  I have an amazing set of aunts, uncles, cousins and grandparents.  I loved my cousin's children, Brayden and Natalie, long before I ever met them.  And my cousins on my dad's side are so incredibly fun to be around ... well, suffice it to say, we cannot be trusted on late nights with unlimited access to Uncle Matt's booze cabinet.

But where was I?  Yes.  This time I have made those important phone calls.  My sweet Grandma Evie called me this very morning.  Last night our good friends, Missy and Joey, came by.  The sisters have been contacted. 

So maybe the call-before-you-go is difficult because it feels rather doomsday-ish.  I don't know.  Do you call before you go on a big trip?  Does it make you feel safe or does it increase anxiety?  Maybe its ok to assume that your family knows you love them. 

On the other hand, why not?  Shower the people you love with love - a wise man once said.  Which reminds me.  I really need to update my iPod soon.