5 Minute Friday: "Tree"

Five Minute Friday

I am joining the Five Minute Friday community over at Lisa Jo Baker's blog.    The prompt for today is: TREE.


I like to say that the magnolia trees only bloom on my birthday.  They do bloom on my birthday (and a couple weeks before and after).  Still, the magnolia's blooming is a reminder every year of the impending anniversary of my birth and the things I have done to commemorate it over the years.

Years 1-19: I have no memories associated with the magnolias from these years.  Too self absorbed perhaps?  Didn't know what magnolias were?  Not sure.

Year 20: Celebrated with my new friends at Willamette U.  We have this picture of us from late that night (why was I blessed with a weekend birthday my first year in college?).  We had trekked from my dorm to our friends' on an alcohol-fueled mission.  Our first plan was to take a series of hilarious (at the time) pictures of ourselves under the magnolias.  One person is bending over to smell them, while someone else is ...waving... behind them, and another is reaching up to grab one of the large flowers, while I am making lion faces at the camera and pawing at my friend.  Hard to picture, but it was pure happiness.  Which often comes in the form of "you had to be there."

Year 25: Sometime around the date of my birth, Jake and I were out in the magnolias on campus taking engagement pictures.  I asked the photographer to back way up.  Make the tree big, and us small.  Those are the kinds of portraits I like to hang in my house.

Year 28 or 29:  Our neighbor across the street from the house we now own has a large magnolia tree.  I told Jake that the magnolia blooms for my birthday.  He looked sideways at me, said nothing.  And smiled without using his lips.



Not sure that was 5 minutes, as I was frequently interrupted by a selfish toddler (the cutest one you'll ever see).  But the point is to write, is it not?  Happy Friday.