5 Minute Friday: Write ... about Allergies

This Friday's prompt from the Lisa-Jo blog is just to write.  Which is just perfect because that's what I need to do.  Force myself to write about ... allergies.  [dramatic pause]

My weird arm during the allergy test

My weird arm during the allergy test

It should be shocking to exactly no one that I have allergies. Yesterday I was officially diagnosed, though, after years and years of just kind of dealing with it.  And I have the following things wrong with me:

  • allergic to grasses
  • allergic to weeds (both kinds...whatever that means)
  • allergic to trees
  • allergic to cats (not dogs, thank God!)
  • allergic to dust mites

That last one is the hardest to swallow.  I feared being allergic to dust (it's officially dust mites, which is important, but not for now).  I AM ALLERGIC TO DUST ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!

That's like saying that I am allergic to my HOUSE.  To my BED.  To my wall-to-wall carpet.

*Actually the carpet deal isn't too bad. I don't like it and we are systematically ruining it in order to justify our decision to replace it some day. O and Daphne our dog are doing most of the work.

The main thing that kills me about the dust allergy is this: the most annoying person I have ever known was allergic to dust.  He was such a BABY about it, and I don't want to be a huge baby.  I don't want to encase my pillow and encase my mattress and ask Jake if he washed everything in hot water all the time and flipping WASH EVERYTHING ALL THE TIME.

So I am a little angry about this "diagnosis."  But I realize I could not go on the way things were too.  I'd basically wake up sneezing, sneeze when I stepped out the door, vigorously sneeze and cough whenever I encountered a cat or a weed or a slightly dusty sweater, and then finish out my day with a good old sneeze-cough-hack fest when I returned home and went to bed.  (The bed that I've now learned is trying to kill me.  With its mites.  Bazzilions of mites.)

Well, time is up for the writing prompt, but I want to end on a high note.  Apparently 20-27% of the population has dust allergies. That seems high, but the internet said it so you know it's true.  If anyone out there has tips on how to handle allergies, please let me know.  I don't want to change everything and go broke buying encasements for every bed, pillow, couch, and thing in my house.  Help...please??