Creating new patterns: A 30 Day Challenge update!

As I've mentioned, I started a 30 Day Challenge group (#hmvlifechallenge). You can find us posting on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. Mostly Instagram. Each day has a theme, and the group has been posting great things every day.

Not everyone posts pictures, that's ok, the idea to keep thinking about your fitness goals and hold yourself accountable each day.

Recently the themes have been:

  • Day 7 Motivation
  • Day 8 Family
  • Day 9 Pattern

Motivation! These little smurfs are my motivation. Get healthy, feel young, be happy!

I didn't necessarily do this intentionally, but these three worked really well together. People were posting about how their families were motivating them to stay active and healthy for years to come.


Several of us are parents. It's hard to stay fit with kiddos. But look how hard we are trying!



My friend, Elisabeth Doherty, has twin boys. TWINS! She works. She works out. She travels for work. She has twins. She's basically superwoman.



Another friend took these great pictures of a hike she was on with her dad on Father's Day; her Motivation was to keep seeing these amazing views. I can see why!

We all come from different places, but our motivation is very similar. We are trying to make life better. And healthier. And longer.

And it's hard. That's another interesting theme I've been noticing. Why is this noteworthy? Because we don't act like it's hard. We act like we could lose weight and get healthier if we just wanted it bad enough. That's ridiculous. It is hard to stay committed to one's goals. It is hard to make good choices every day.

Another theme: creating healthy patterns. Day 9's theme was "pattern." To be honest, at first I was thinking people would post about the patterns on their clothes or some pattern they spotted on a run. Not even close. We are too clever for that shit.

We talked about setting better patterns in life (JSC). We talked about making small, incremental changes to get to where you want to be (SMS). Really it wasn't so much about patterns, as habits. Getting in the habit of healthy eating (EF). Making a habit of caring for ourselves and our families (SS).

As we keep going on this challenge I'm going to be thinking a lot about creating habits. Can I sustain the weight loss and low carb dinners every night? No. But I think I can get enough good ideas and inspiration to start setting a new course. Ultimately I needed to be inspired to WANT to eat healthy and to WANT to get to the gym and walk more. At the end of the day, I want to live in a manner that makes me happy. I am figuring out exactly what that means.