Goodbye November, Hello December 2015

Ahh another month, another chance to blog it all out. All the feels. November is a sweet month, but a bit dark this year. A bit gloomy at times. It never fails to end with Thanksgiving, though, and for that I am grateful.

Good-bye November:

  • On November 13th: we lost 130 people in the city of Paris. Terrorists attacked several locations and claimed to be with ISIS. It is still very fresh in our minds. We still do not know what this will mean in the long term. It feels a lot like post-9/11. When we didn't even know it would be called "9/11," and we didn't foresee the long war that would follow in Iraq and Afghanistan. Are we on the verge of another war? A world war even?
  • Violence: is a theme right now. I don't want it to be. I worry that it's getting to me. The news never seems to be good. On the 30th, yet another mass shooter attacked a Planned Parenthood in Colorado Springs. All of this on the heels of the mass shooting at Umpqua Community College. My colleagues went to UCC afterward to help, and their stories were heartbreaking. Where will this end? Something needs to change.
  • I've been feeling: down. I said something about it a few weeks back and my people reached out big time (thank you, people). One thing about being pretty open and honest about your feelings and your struggles is that folks aren't shy about offering support.
  • Work: has been a little frustrating. But still very grateful for my job and my people there, too.
  • Thanksgiving: went pretty well. It was a long process traveling to see my family. It always is at this time of year. Impossibly difficult at times. But what are we going to do, not see family on Thanksgiving? No. Our family is just too much fun. (Side note: there is no remaining Fireball whiskey in the city of my hometown.)

Hello December:

  • This project at work: I'm going to figure it out. It's going to come together. The answer will reveal itself, and then...poof! All my problems solved forever.
  • Shopping anxiety: won't get the better of me. I can be obsessive about getting our holiday shopping done. And done well. And sometimes when you have two young kids and a husby and a jobby job, well, finding the perfect gift for everyone just can't be so important. It can't consume my life. ...but wait wasn't there a promo code I wanted to use today on Shutterfly??...And did I order a dress on Stitchfix?...And put Jake's clothes on our Amazon list? Bahhhh!
  • Christmas lights: are going up next weekend. Promise! I'd prefer to put them up early, like November 5th, but no one around here let's me do that. Also I kind of forget about the lights as soon as I get inside our warm house.
  • Christmas tree hunt: also this weekend! Trying to talk Jake into a Noble this year. My friend gets a Noble usually, whereas we (like fools) insist on getting a tree that smells good. The evidence is in: none of them smell like anything after you cut them!
  • All I want for Christmas: is four glorious days of peace and quiet. In the super quiet, super laid-back city of New Orleans! Woooo! Adult time! A-dult-time! A-dult-time! *fist pump* *confetti*
  • Last wish: to enjoy the season. Not overdo it. Not feel rushed. Just have a cup of coffee. Sit in pajamas. Enjoy the kids opening gifts and playing with cousins and remember that this time is so special and so fleeting.

Out with the Old, In with the New: October/November 2015

Whoa perfect graphic! And I'm giving credit  with this hyperlink . Thanks!

Whoa perfect graphic! And I'm giving credit with this hyperlink. Thanks!

New idea for a regular blog series! I know I said that regular series kind of freak me out. But so do non-regular blog posts, as it turns out. It's just hard to write. But I also love writing! It's one of those "what's wrong with you, woman, why can't you just be happy?!" kind of things. NBD.

Every month I'm going to say good-bye to the old month and say hello to the new one. Easy, right?! Just a few thoughts on last month, random anecdotes, major milestones, funny quips. And a few thoughts on my plans/goals/dreams/dream visions for the next month. I'll probably change the format and themes a thousand times, but that's the point of this whole blog, right? (Well, that and being lighthearted. Let us not forget that.)



Hello November:``

Good-bye October:`

  • My fitness goals: have taken a backseat to this back injury that sprang up. So I'm taking it easy for now and trying to remember that that's okay. (Trying)
  • The weekends: will be fairly free. I'd like to inject a lot of fun into each one.
  • My to-do list: is fairly short, honestly, for once in my life. Hoping to keep it that way.
  • Thanksgiving: will be in Spokane. Tickets are booked! And come Nov. 25th, the travel anxiety will come to get me. But I'm prepared. (to hide under my desk)
  • Body image stuff: is on my mind. After the #hmvlifechallenge last summer I was losing weight and feeling great. Now I'm hovering in this 5 pound no-man's-land that I tend to reside in. Is that okay? Maybe. But I'm not ready to give up just yet.
  • Holiday season: is NOW, people. Yep, I even played some holiday music on November 1st just so everyone knows it. It's happening, folks! Get your stockings out and hang them up, and then just before Christmas take them down again to dust them off and put them back up just in time for Santa!




  • Work-related travel: took over our lives last month. We don't travel for work very much. My hubs and I work at a university, and it just doesn't move locations or open new branches so much. It stays put. So two trips in 1 month?! Wowza.
  • My baby: turned 1. GULP.
  • My daughter the genius: has been mastering preschool all over the place. She's particularly keen on "Which one of these is not like the others?" worksheets. Sometimes we sit on the couch and ask her about what's different in the pictures, and in those moments, we feel like parenting MASTERS!
  • I spoke: to a large audience at work on October 29th about planning large events and camps with risk management in mind. It went over very well. But as with all speaking gigs, I get super excited to do it, then terrified, then exhausted with it, and finally it's time to put on the show.... then it's over! I'm relieved. And now I've been asked to speak at two more things next year (2016), so yay!
  • The extended family: visited us in droves. Starting on Oct. 2nd with my dad and step-mom. Then the in-laws for Henry's birthday night. Then my sisters and mom and step-dad for Halloween weekend. That's every person in the next branch of our family tree (parents and sibs). Wow!


Love y'all,