Some of my favorite (pregnant) things

Pregnancy brings us many things: great joy, occasional bouts of crying for no reason.  Mostly a baby.  That's a biggie.  Here are a few of the simple joys I've encountered in the recent past:

1. Door-opening.  THANK you very much!  So glad you could be bothered to push this 15-pound door open a little longer, whilst I am carrying around a bowling ball in my shirt and perpetuating the human race.  You're all welcome!  (Just kidding, I really do appreciate it.)

2. The "aww aren't you . . . pregnant!" look.  Look at me.  Look at the baby bump.  Back at me.  Feign saying something.  Realize you've got nothing.  Close mouth, cock head to the side, bring chin to neck, and smile without showing teeth.  Awwww...

3. Hearing about the stuff that drives other pregnant women crazy.  Sure, I've got my own gripes, but other people's problems are so ... funny!  One lady on my podcast was complaining that, while at the Starbucks the other day, the barrista exclaimed "wow!  When are you DUE?!"  Well, this lady was like 13 1/2 months pregnant and, judging by the reaction, apparently as big as a bus.  What do you expect?!

Another lady complained when someone asked her what she might name the baby.  "Ugh!  Seriously?!  If I wanted you to ask that, I would have offered up the information myself!"  <-- her real reaction (*side note: I reserve the right to get pissy about this kind of mundane stuff later in pregnancy too.  Its only funny when it happens to other people.)

4. That long dark line that develops along the bottom side of the belly.  I don't have it.  Finally something good comes from being insanely pale-skinned!

5.  Emotional outbursts that don't make any sense.  Well, sometimes they make *some* sense.  Like when I see a baby and I tear up.  Or if I'm so hungry I turn into a fussy child.  But one time I was taking this new class at the gym - it basically entails hitting large exercise balls with drum sticks to music.  The song "Its Raining Men" came on, and I was having so much fun drumming away and jumping around and singing along, I almost started to cry.  Out of happiness. That's some weird hormones.

6. Water aerobics.  I love the weightlessness, the easy exercise...but mostly the nonstop belly love from the older ladies.  I feel like a celebrity in there!  Tonight I turned around in the locker room to this series of awesome comments, "oh cute suit!" "oh look at you, you are ALL baby!" "so cute!" "you are absolutely adorable" "glowing!!" "when are you DUE?!"