Why I am Nominating Jake V., Greatest Husband Ever

By a mere technicality, this topic generated the most votes in my recent birthday fundraiser. And I suppose that's a good thing. When I wrote this topic idea, I was in a great mood. Now I'm a little exhausted and not really feeling like writing about amazing Jake is. But these are the times when it is probably most important to do just such a thing.

And I must say, it is weird writing that when I know that Jake is going to read this later, and probably several of his friends/family... but you know, this is the hmv blog, and I try to keep it real. Even Jake's biggest fans can admit that relationships are complex and everyone has their days.

So here it is, my list of great things about Jake.  People kind of love it when I post things about Jake.  I think this is because 1) Jake never posts anything, ever...he is a man of international mystery, really, and 2) everyone loves Jake.  Every. Single. Person. Ever.  So eat your heart out, internets!

1.  He cooks.  A lot.  And it's really pretty good.  Jake knows stuff about cooking that some people....well, my people...the MVs of the world, have no clue about.  He calls this stuff "basic cooking knowledge."  I grew up in a house where "basic cooking knowledge" meant "know thy microwave like you know thyself."  And we did.

2.  He seems to magically have a large, detailed amount of information about a huge variety of topics.  Pick any topic.  Jake can probably tell you a few things about it, or at least something about a related topic, or something about this one guy that he knows from a thing that once knew something about that topic.  Some folks attribute this to his addiction to Wikipedia.  I'm not so sure.  It seems like magic.

3. Hmm... I want to say "Good father" here.  But that whole "He's a great dad! He really plays with his kids!  And even does laundry!" deal is so ... ugh.  We should just expect that.  No one would commend a woman for playing with her kids and tending to their every need.  Why?  BECAUSE THAT IS YOUR JOB.  Duh!  It is not the woman's job, it's just any half-decent, non-negligent parent's job.

But I will say that Jake has impressed me as a father.  I will say that he has been a wonderful partner in this journey of parenthood.  When I need a break, he steps in.  When O screams for mama for the 1 millionth time, he stays strong and turns her attention to something else.  Ok he's a good father, there!

4.  Everyone in my family loves Jake.  They don't just like him, they really love him.  There was a moment several years ago when I realized how true this was.  Our family was getting together for something (a birthday? holiday? I can't remember),  and Jake wasn't able to make it.  My sister called me about this.  After explaining the situation to her, she said that she understood, but you know, it is just hard, Jake helps keep us all ... together.  Maybe you had to be there?  It just made sense.

5. I'm going to stop at 5, just so you know. I could go on, I know. But Jake's ego is getting way too big as it is, knowing that I am writing an actual essay on how great he is.  Plus it has taken me far too long to get this post published!

So last but not least, Jake is just a really great partner. We do things together and really value each others' opinion. We are a TEAM.  And I'm sure right now you are thinking, OK but so were Simon and Garfunkel and well, 13 years of sweet melodic harmonies later and SOMEbody's ready to do a solo album and someone else is like, now I'm an actor! And it's like, hey guys...what happened to the music?  They had the voice of an angel (together), but apart...ugh...ok I'm getting sidetracked, the point is: Jacob is my bridge over troubled water. He is the diamond on the sole of my shoes. (If you aren't a S&G fan (or you were born after 1982) you are SO lost right now. Haha...sorry Maren!)

There are not enough words or metaphors in the world to explain the point I'm trying to make. When I get sad, Jake makes me happy. When I am overwhelmed, he takes over and makes things manageable again. He treats me as his equal, without really expecting or demanding equal work. That is not always what I thought marriage would be like, but it so is. It is not 50/50.  It is a constantly changing, evolving relationship. If we had insisted on 50/50 then I would never have passed law school, he would not have moved to Eugene with me, and Olivia would not have been breastfed.  He tried but, you know, anatomy...

* * *

Ok internet, I hope you've enjoyed this post as much as Jake has enjoyed watching me write it. 

Stay tuned for more ...  I will try to write something on the topics that received votes.  And thanks for all the WellMama love last month!