"Live" Blog of the 86th Academy Awards!


Matthew McConaughey never disappoints. A rather well structured acceptance speech. And then of course the best ending ... "Alright alright alright."

Ok, time for the big one: BEST PICTURE GOES TO.....12 Years a Slave. Cassie wins again. (I've stopped even announcing when she wins.  She is 22 for 24! RINGER)

Welp, that's it for me! Thanks for joining. It has been fun.



2014-03-02 19.04.00.jpg

Was hilarious.

Update: This picture was posted on Twitter and it was retweeted so many times that it not only set a record but also BROKE TWITTER! And guess who retweeted it??? @lifeofhmv


Why has no one been cut off by the music? Are we just going no rules tonight? Fine.

Now is a pretty good time to visit some of the amazing Tweets of the night.

@tarankillam: McConaughey's mom's cleavage...Alright alright alright.

@robdelaney: Will they have time to edit Kim Novak into the In Memoriam section?

@pattonoswald: If FROZEN doesn't win it will be my daughter's "supervillain origin" moment.


Costume design goes to....CASSIE! (The Great Gatsby) Argg!  This is where I start to regret not copying everything she wrote.

Wigs and Makeup category: Haha just kidding it's Hair and Makeup. Nice joke, C. And we all win with Dallas Buyers Club.

...well don't get too excited team, we all lose with Best Animated Short. But I feel like a winner because that spectacle of an introduction from Kim Novak. What HaPpEneD?!! What a messy mess. Did the projector break? Did her mind??

Special effects: Everyone picked Gravity! Way to go. I did not. I picked Start Trek. Kind of because I couldn't believe it was on the list for Oscar anything.

5:00 Oscars BEGIN!

Ellen!!! Wait, Ellen! What are you wearing?! Velvet? With glitter?!

Awesome jokes!

Jennifer [Lawrence], if you win tonight I think we should just bring you the Oscar.

Jonah [Hill], you showed me something in that film that I have not seen for a very very long time.

(It's a penis. Cassie had to tell me this. But then you think about it... BOOM.... hilarious.

Best Supporting Actor: Is anyone surprised......Jared Leto! He really did amazing in this role. And then he thanks his mother and *gah!* *choked up!* Can't handle it! What a sweet kindhearted person.

4:00 Red Carpet begins! (all our red caret commentary is posted in this section)

Aaaand we're off!  We are joined by some friends today, so here is a guide to who I will be referencing:

Missy: has seen 1 Oscar movie this year; excellent guesser.

Cassie: has seen ALL of the movies. ALL of them. Total ringer.

Joe: has seen 2 Oscar movies; on toddler duty (we are all on toddler duty, but right now he is playing with the Disney princess scooter so it seems fitting to give him some props.

Jake: my husbie; also a pretty good guesser of things; addicted to Wikipedia (which might help with the "guessing"...hmmm).

hmv: yours truly.

Dresses we are loving:

Amy Adams: beautiful in blue. Beautiful in everything.

June Squibb: looking delightful in her emerald dress and actual emeralds. This is Jake's sneaker pick for Best Supporting Actress. I don't know Jake... That category is STACKED.

Jennifer Lawrence: We are mixed on this dress. General agreement that her hair is odd...but I don't know. It works for a short hair look. 

Looks we don't dig:

Viola Davis: the darting is all wrong on this dress.  She looks kind of ... lopsided?

Anna Kendrick: weird stuff going with the see-through panels. Missy claims that she wore this to her 8th grade prom. Questionable. But clearly a strike against this look (nothing good comes from 8th grade).

Julia Roberts: Nooo! What is up with the Morticia Addams look?


Welcome to the hmv "Live" Blog of the Oscars! This post will update (newest to oldest) as the glorious event goes down. Stay with us! This time I have special guests, prediction sheets, maybe an interview or two...whatever else I come up with! GO OSCARS!