About hmv

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Who am I?

I am hmv.

I like to write. I have a dog, a daughter, and a husband (not in that order). I also have a full time job. I live in the beautiful and weird state of Oregon.

This is not an exhaustive list, but it's all I can think of ... maybe this really is it.

Photo Credit:  Mitya Ku

Photo Credit: Mitya Ku

What are we doing here?

Firstly, we are keeping it lighthearted. We are keeping it real, too. But not too real.

I thought about writing a blog that was funny. But there is something terrifying and off-putting about saying "I am funny!  Come here and read this and you will laugh!" because holy shoot what if you don't and then I've failed and that sucks and then what are we even DOING here?

I also considered writing about motherhood and what I have picked up along the way. It's just that...I don't want to be an expert in that area. I'm not an expert. I'm not even sure that I'm doing it correctly.

I went into the parenthood game with an idea of what I would be like as a parent, and it has just turned out so differently.  From giving birth to sleep-training to whether or not to allow French fries, I've changed my mind a hundred times and I'm still changing it.  (Except the fries, those are here to stay.)

I used to have some pretty firm notions of where I stood politically too. I've always identified as a feminist. Whether that meant that the boys had to let me play Horse on the playground, or that I had to write 13,000 page papers about intersectionality. (Turns out I was better at the paper-writing, but who knows? Watch out WNBA!!)

Politics and women's issues have taken a central role in my life...but I see things differently now. It turns out that you can't learn everything about a person by knowing who they voted for, or whether or not they changed their last name when they got married. But these are interesting things to learn about people. If you are really trying to learn.

And that's what I think being lighthearted is about. It's about listening. It's about not taking myself too seriously. It involves laughing at myself and at the absurdity of life. And the whole idea that I even have anything figured out.

But I am pretty sure of this: nothing is all one thing.  People are not all good or all bad.  They are people.  I am a person.  And although I will tell you that I know everything and I'm really quite flawless, we both know the truth (I have one flaw).

Photo Credit:  dimnikolov

Photo Credit: dimnikolov

I am hmv. You can call me hmv. Or Ms. H, if you are into formalities.

I started blogging in 2010, with no clear purpose, rhyme, or reason. But I wanted to:

  1. Document my trip to Europe,
  2. Share the news about my upcoming pregnancy (whenever that would occur) (update: it occurred right after we returned from Ye Olde Europe),
  3. Write.

Although it wasn't completely clear to me at the time, I liked writing. I still do. And the more I do it, the more I start to think I'm pretty good at it. Not great, perhaps. But perhaps I could be.

I liked writing when I was in middle school. Although at that time I just called it journaling. I should have called it Antsy Teenage "Poetry" of the Utmost Dramatic. I went to a small Catholic school until 9th grade, when I moved to the big, scary public high school. It was terrifying. They had cigarettes. And zero pictures of Jesus.

After high school I went to a small college in Oregon. I studied politics, feminist theory, the art of hiding alcohol in one's dorm room (I failed), and I did some writing. Sometimes for my journal, which was growing slightly in readership (I think I shared a few things with close friends. This was all before "sharing" and "friends" were invented by Mark Zuckerberg.)

A few amazing things came out of my college experience: me (relatively unscathed despite my attempts at self-destruction), my lady friends, and this really nice guy I met, Jake.  (Oh and an education, yes, that happened.)

Jake turned out to be pretty much the best and most awesome guy I had ever met, and so four year later I married him. He followed me to law school and spent three agonizing years watching me morph from Normal Human to I Can Debate the Merits of ANYTHING. Somehow we got through all that. I mellowed out, as we all do, hopefully.

Up until this point I had a pretty normal life. And (spoiler alert) it continues to be fairly regular.